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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simplicity is Chic: Halley Watches Review!

We live and breathe simplicity. At Halley, we have a single goal:To offer you a single-handed watch designed for the modern day minimalist. 

- Halley Watches

Hi Girls,

I love simplicity in fashion, and how a small piece can look sophisticated and effortless at the same time. Plain t-shirts, blue jeans, and ankle boots are staples in my closet, and I love pairing  them with delicate bracelets and elegant chain handbags. To me, simplicity is chic. 

With this similar concept in mind, Halley Watches, a brand that lives and breathes simplicity and minimalism, was the perfect fit for me. When founder, Josh, contacted me to collaborate with the brand, I couldn't wait! The timeless elegance of each watch, lured me in from the second the stunning webpage opened. The gorgeous leather band and sleek stainless steel border of each piece, creating an aura of sophistication and style. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful 'Da Vinci' watch with its classic brown leather band and gold rim. The piece emitted style. 

When arriving at my doorstep on a sunny autumn afternoon, I couldn't help but feel giddy with the anticipation of the treasures that awaited me within the parcel. I quickly ripped it open, and a beautiful brown box was revealed, inscribed with the word 'Halley'. I slowly opened it, and was in awe of the stunning piece. The simplicity of the design and the detail that went into ensuring that it was of the highest quality, made it an instant essential in my daily look.

I must admit, I was at first confused with how a single-handed watch would work, however, Halley Watches' philosophy is inspiring. When reading the time, if the hand is on the 5 o'clock mark, it means that it is 5 o'clock, however, if it is in between the 5 and 6, it is 5:30. The purpose of this is to provide a sense of the time, so that one is not a slave to the ticking away of moments. One is encouraged to live in the present and take every chance they get, to feel alive. The watch is not simply for practicality, it is for style, and acts as a symbol to live life to the fullest.

The story of how such a brand came into fruition, is inspiring in itself, and this definitely translates to the final product. Josh, who is only 19, invested all his time and money into developing his dream, and it has been a huge success. This is such an amazing feat for someone so young, and is at the core of the message of my blog. Young people can do anything, and there is no age to determine when someone can achieve their dreams. I am constantly inspired by my friends, who work hard and are determined to achieve their life's desires. There is so much potential amongst youth, that is being realised, which provides me with a sense of optimism about what the future holds. I admire everyone who takes action to fulfill their dreams, as they inspire everyone else to feel empowered and work towards what they desire to contribute to this world.

Inspired by the beautiful Halley's comet, the brand draws on such beauty for its design, especially in the delicate watch hand. When observing the time, one can feel a connection to the Universe, and realise that earthly worries are miniscule when compared to the vastness of the world in which we live. The watch is more than a time-teller, it is a reminder to enjoy the life each person has been gifted.

Formed in the beautiful location of Noosa, Australia, where soft ocean waves wash worries away, the watch carries with it that carefree vibe. Perfect for any occasion, it  can be worn to a Sunday brunch, a stroll through the city, or even to a more formal event.  It can also be worn by both men and women. Its versatility makes it the perfect piece for anyone.

Halley Watches is perfect for lovers of simplicity and style, and at its core is a message that we can all live by:

 Live in the moment 

Thanks for Reading,



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