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Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'm back! + Where Have I Been?

Hey Girls,

You may have realised that I haven't posted in ages, and I feel really bad about that, so I thought that I would explain where I have been.
Basically, I started year 12 this term and have been really dedicated to my studies, so much so, that I have had hardly any time to create quality content for you to read. Next year, 2016, is also going to be very busy for me, so I may not be posting very often, however, I promise that whenever I get a chance, I will get a post up.
But, there is good news! My school holidays have just begun, so that means I will have heaps of time to dedicate to blogging over the break! Yay! Make sure you stay tuned for some fun new summer-y fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts!
Also, I have decided that I won't be doing Blogmas this year, and instead, focusing on just a few Christmas themed posts throughout the month. That way, there will be a bit more variety on the blog.
Thank you to those who are still reading, even though I've been really slack with posting these past few months, and I hope you will enjoy the posts to come!

Thanks for Reading,


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