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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Arm Candy: Temporary Tattoos

Hey Girls,

Temporary tattoos are SO in fashion right now and they are way better than permanent tats as you can switch them up as often as you like. I was recently contacted by INKED by Dani, a brand created only early this year by Dani Egna and Mandy Raeder, to try out some of their super cute temporary tattoos. INKED by Dani offer a great selection of hand-drawn temporary tattoos at only $1 each so there are heaps of options to choose from! I was super excited to work with them and to bring you this post because I absolutely love their products.

They sell their temporary tats on their website as well as at major stores like Brandy Melville, American Eagle, Nasty Gal, and others. These stylish tats are perfect for parties, music festivals, and everyday wear, and they look great with accessories! I created a few 'arm candy' looks with some of the tattoos I received, and I am OBSESSED with how they turned out! I feel like these tattoos would be even more perfect during the summer when you are tanned and out at the beach, as they really give off a carefree, boho vibe.

Let me know which look is your favourite in the comments!

Temporary Tattoos: Part of Mini Set 2
Bracelets (top to bottom): Forever21, Juicy Couture

I LOVE these tattoos because they are small and simple, yet add a cute touch to any outfit.

Temporary Tattoo: NY/LA Coordinates

I really like this tattoo because it is super unique, and everytime I look at my arm, it reminds me of the great experiences I have had at both places. 

Bracelet: Juicy Couture

Temporary Tattoo: Part of Mini Set 2

I really like this temporary tattoo as it is so small and cute. I placed it on the side of my arm near my wrist so that when I am doing my hair or makeup I can see it.

Make sure to check out INKED by Dani to see more super cute temporary tattoos in a range of creative styles like unicorns, glitter stars, lips, watermelons, and more! They are perf for summer!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. would look even better with an bracelet. #Armparty for the win! :)

  2. They are seen as a way to emphasize the attractiveness and sexuality of the female form, which is why many young women are drawn to them. Tattooarm

  3. Pretty rad tats loved the diamond!
    they can be removed later right? I mean not the permanent type?
    Thanks for the share anyway.


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