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Saturday, July 18, 2015

How To Pack Light for Your Summer Vacay!

Hey Girls,

If any of you are travelling somewhere warm soon and want to pack light, I have put together 13 outfits from 15 pieces of clothing, to inspire and help you select the key pieces you need to look great! Although there are 13 outfits here, there are so many more outfit possibilities! You'll never be lost for what to wear!
The key to packing light is to make sure that each piece will match with at least two other items, plus it's great to stick to a colour scheme. Also, I have included the same handbag with each outfit, as it is super versatile and perfect for a summer vacay. You can also change up the outfits with more accessories, but I just used one necklace for the ones I put together. Other pieces you could pack in your suitcase are a cardigan just in case it gets chilly (you never know!), a pair of thongs/flip-flops to wear to the beach, a swimming costume (this should probably already be in your suitcase if you're going on a summer holiday), and any other accessories/jewellery you want. Accessories are great as they weigh very little but they can make a huge difference to any outfit they're paired with. I hope you get inspired by these outfits! Enjoy!

1. A plain white tee goes with everything, especially denim! Pair it with a denim skirt and a pair of espadrilles for a day of sight-seeing!

2. A bright coloured tee is super fun and brings light to any outfit you pair it with - perfect for summer! Denim shorts are also really comfortable and versatile. This is a more casual day time look, but you can also dress it up...

3. ...with a tailored pair of white shorts and beaded sandals. This outfit can also be worn during the day, but if you want something that looks a bit more put-together for nighttime, this works!

4. An A-line dress in a solid colour, especially blue, is a super-versatile piece. The fact that it is in a t-shirt fabric means that it will be cool to wear in the summer heat and also that it can be dressed up or down. It can be worn during the day for walking around, over a swimsuit at the beach, or even for going out to a casual restaurant at night. Just switch up the accessories by adding a statement necklace or a nice pair of sandals and you're good to go!

5. If shorts aren't your thing or you just feel like switching it up a bit, a pair of ripped denim boyfriend jeans are perfect! This pair is a little slouchy so it's perfect for walking around in, plus you won't get as hot as if you are wearing super tight skinny leg jeans. This outfit looks put together, but relaxed. It would also look amazing with a pair of espadrilles!

6. A dark blue sleveless top is super light, perfect for the warm weather, but also really versatile. Blue goes with heaps of colours! It's great to select a colour scheme when packing so that all your clothes match. See here, the dark blue of the top goes really well with tan, white, gold, brown, and the lighter shade of blue found in the jeans and espadrilles.   

 7. To dress up an otherwise casual top, tuck it into a chic pair of shorts and add a statement necklace. It's instant style!

8. The same top can also look super casual by simply pairing it with a hat, light denim skirt, and no jewellery. This outfit can take you from walking through pretty streets, straight to the beach!

9. You can dress up the denim skirt a little by pairing it with a bright tee and statement necklace, but this look is still more for everyday. Plus, espadrilles are super comfy for walking around in but they add an extra touch of style to your outfit. 

10. Another great, casual and comfy outfit!

11. A black crop top will go with pretty much everything, plus it is super on trend right now! Pair it with jeans and a hat for a day of shopping, walking around, and sitting at pretty coffee shops. It's comfortable and fashionable!

12. This look is one of my faves! It's perfect for sightseeing, walking along the beach, going to cafes, eating at restaurants, looking at shops... just everything! It also looks super put together and can be dressed up or down. If you want this outfit to take you to the nighttime, just substitute the hat and sunglasses for some pretty jewellery and more dramatic make-up (winged eyeliner would look amazing!). 

13. This outfit is my go-to for any summer holiday. It's super simple to put together, it looks really nice, and it's super comfy! What's not to love?

I hope this post has helped you to pack light for your summer vacay or even just inspired you to put together heaps of outfits from the clothes that you have in your closet. Recently, when buying clothes, I've been super into basic pieces as they are the most versatile and I can get the most wear out of them. I recently went on a summer holiday and I pretty much wore outfits like these the whole time, especially outfit number 13. I found that white, blue, and tan are the easiest colours to create outfits with and pink is an awesome statement colour, so I was inspired to create this post to give you guys some tips. I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. These outfits are so so perfect for summer vacations! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I love the White shorts they are perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. These are all so cute!

  4. Where are the white shoes from??


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