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Friday, May 15, 2015

Apparel Candy - One-Stop Fashion Shop!

Hey girls,

With it almost being summer in the northern hemisphere, and with me feeling nostalgic of the warm weather here in chilly Australia, I decided to put together a post about a new web store that I found which has the best in summer fashion at super affordable prices! It's called Apparel Candy and it specialises in wholesale clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. For example, you and your friends can purchase 6 tops at the wholesale price, and split the cost! It's perfect and way less expensive than purchasing individual items at the store.

Apparel Candy has a range of super pretty wholesale dresses which are great for this summer as well as heaps of gorgeous accessories such as sunglasses, necklaces, and earrings. Most of them come in packs of 12, so they are perfect for splitting with friends or even for presenting as gifts!

You can even purchase wholesale nail polish and lipstick which are ideal goodies for party gift bags, or once again, perfect for sharing with friends!

Apparel Candy is your one-stop shop for stylish yet inexpensive fashion this summer!

* Pictures courtesy of Apparel Candy

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  1. Hey Teen Fashion Blogger! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Beauty Blogger Tag. You can find the tag and its rules on my latest post! By the way I really like the dress on this post. :)

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  4. What a beautiful dresses. I love these dresses and thanks for this blog :). To buy wholesale dresses, we offer a unique collection.

  5. Wow!! All of these pictures are so beautiful and fashionable.I'm really impressed by all these accessories.Also I like that pretty lady.Thank you very much for sharing


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