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Monday, April 6, 2015

25 Music Festival Fashion Picks

Hey Girls,

Festival season is fast approaching for my readers in the Northern Hemisphere with the super popular fest 'Coachella' set for early April (10th -12th , 17th -19th), as well as a wealth of other fun music festivals which follow until the end of summer! For those who live in the Southern Hemisphere (like me), festival season is pretty much over as the hot summer days are traded in for the winter. However,   no matter where you live, you can still take some inspiration from these 25 super cute music festival picks to either wear to a music festival this summer, next year, or even just for a laid-back party or hangout with friends. These fashion finds are both inexpensive and versatile!


Rompers are really easy to move in and they are often made of a light fabric, so you can dance and sing along to your favourite artists without getting too hot. They are also super cute!

Crop Tops/ Fringe & Crochet Tops

Crop tops look great when paired with high waisted shorts, but they are also perfect for the hot summer weather as they are light and reveal enough skin to stay cool. The same goes for fringe tops and crochet tops which help you to stay cool while also looking fashionable. Music festivals are about comfort so you can enjoy the various performances, but they are also about making a fashion statement; crop tops provide both. 


Denim shorts in different washes and styles are essential for music festivals. They let you easily move around while also looking adorable. Shorts made of lighter fabrics are great also, as they let your skin breathe. 


Kimonos are a major trend this year, and they are super popular at music festivals; Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, and Vanessa Hudgens are just a few celebs who have rocked them at Coachella!


You'll be on your feet all day, so you want a pair of shoes that are comfortable. Ankle boots are super stylish and if they have a low heel, should be comfortable for the duration of the fest. If however you know that your feet get sore easily, opt for a pair of flat sandals or crochet flats. They let your feet breathe and play on the relaxed vibe of the festival. 


The majority of music festivals take place during summer, and since you will be in the sun all day, it is essential that you wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the sun but also look stylish. Pick up a cute love-heart pair or just classic aviators, to look festival-chic. 

Floral Headbands/ Tie-Back Headbands

Floral crowns are the quintessential music festival piece. Channel your inner indie spirit and rock a floral crown or other hair adornment such as a tie-back headband to look festival ready. They look super cute while also being able to keep your hair of your face; it's a win-win situation! 

Jewellery and Accessories

Layered jewellery makes a huge fashion statement at music festivals; I'm talking about multiple beaded and solid bracelets, long chain necklaces, and an abundance of pretty rings. Crossbody bags are also great for music festivals to carry your phone and wallet and come in many different sizes and styles (find some inspiration here). 

Thanks for Reading,


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  1. I love the rompers and headbands! They are so cute. I also might try and get one of the kimonos for spring. This was a great post. If you don't mind doing so, please check out my blog at !


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