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Friday, March 20, 2015

Supré's Ultimate Girl Gang & New Collection!

Hey Girls,

The one-stop fashion shop for teens, Supré, has launched the ultimate girl gang with talented actress Isabel Cornish, social media star Sarah Ellen, and international model Inka Williams, as the faces of their latest campaign. I thought that I would let you know about this, because the new collection is filled with on-trend, yet inexpensive pieces which can be a great asset to your wardrobe!

Supré's February and March collection features wardrobe staples which take inspiration from international runways and city streets - 'Beauty from Brooklyn' as well as 90's grunge are the trends of the season, so Supré focuses on bringing street style pieces with a more feminine twist. This new collection is definitely 'in', featuring a number of feminine pieces mixed with sportswear and trainers - a huge trend this year!

“Think kimono throws, slip-dresses and cami tops, worn back with distressed denim or under soft cardigans,” said Leigh Gallagher, Supre trend forecaster. 

In February, Supré released a number of must-have denim pieces, ranging from skinny jeans and cropped jeans, to boyfriend shirts and midi-skirts - all $50 and under. What a steal! This March, the varsity team have stepped off the field into Supré stores! Playing on the major trend of the season of sportswear meets street wear, Supré has released a range of Varsity style pieces, including check skirts, skater skirts, collegiate knits, raglan tees, and more!

The young, fun, and super cool trio, make up the Supré Girl Gang, which epitomise the brand's vibrant atmosphere and on-trend fashion collections!

*I was notified about and provided pictures from this new collection by Two Birds Talking PR, however, I really do love the latest collection and that is why I decided to let you all know about it x

Thanks for Reading,



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