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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogmas Day 8: Holiday Nail Polish

Hey Girls,

Welcome to Blogmas Day 8!

I absolutely LOVE painting my nails during the holiday season because I am able to get super creative with it - Hello glitter nail polish in 5 different shades! I always reach for deep reds, shimmering silvers, glittery golds, whites, dark blues, and any glitter polish I can get my hands on! It is a time to try new nail trends and experiment with nail art (even though I can never master detailed nail art - I always try though!). It really lets your Christmas spirit shine through! So, in accordance with my love of seasonal (and holiday) nail polish shades, here are a few of my fave nail polish colours for this Christmas!

1. OPI Red 
2. NARS Chinatown
3. Essie Midnight Cami
4. NARS Ecume
5. Essie Blanc
 6. OPI Cinnamon Sweet
 7. Essie Jump in My Jumpsuit
 8. OPI Lady in Black
9. Essie Rock at the Top
 10. Essie Dress to Kilt
 11. NARS Amarapura
 12. Butter LONDON Dust-Up

Which nail polish colour is your fave?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading,



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