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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Interview with Diamond McKinney!

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Diamond McKinney is taking on the online world, one click at a time!

Diamond Mckinney started creating Sims 3 YouTube series 3 years ago, with her first series being The Colour of Love; a story about two people who fall in love in the mid 1900's and endure a number of hardships due to racism and town prejudices. Utilising the fun PC game, McKinney has created a number of other popular series that are as good as, or even better than some TV shows, however, what really brought her to fame was her Sims 3 series, Anon. It is about a teenage girl named Chelsea who writes an anonymous blog about all that goes on in her life, be it relationship trouble, crushes, or fights with her parents. Being such a relatable series with a great storyline, it has attracted over 20,000 views per episode, and it is now up to its 9th season! McKinney has achieved great success with this series, but has now branched out to other things. Firstly, she has written 5 books based on the popular YouTube series which have all received amazing reviews, and she now writes a fashion and entertainment blog that is a must read! A talented show creator, author, and blogger, Diamond McKinney is a triple threat!

In this interview, McKinney tells us all about what inspired her to create Anon., talks about the other projects she is working on, and spills the deets on the upcoming season of the series!

1. What inspired you to create your YouTube series Anon.?

I remember playing The Sims one day and adopting a child for my household. I aged her up to a teen, gave her a makeover, and suddenly, her background story just sort of popped into my head. She was an unnoticed girl who wrote a blog about her life. I chose the name "Anon." because it's obviously short for Anonymous, and because of it's definition; "Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features." That definition is what Chelsea thinks defines her as a person.

2. Do you think that you share any of the same qualities as the main character Chelsea?

I definitely share qualities with Chelsea, especially because I based her character off of my high school self. Insecure, introverts, who jump to conclusions without explanation or proof. Oh, that's totally me and Chels.

3. Where do you find inspiration to create each episode? Do your fans ever influence the storyline?

I find inspiration in mostly music. I'll listen to a song and a story will play out in my head. My fans also give me great ideas! I always take their ideas into consideration. They all have great imaginations, which I can truly appreciate. 

4. Do you have a favourite TV show that you draw inspiration from?

"Awkward", of course! No, I'm kidding. I actually love that show, but I don't draw inspiration from it. I think the only thing Anon. has in common with that is probably the blogging, but I haven't seen Jenna blog in a while! I don't really take inspiration from any TV shows because I usually only watch crime and horror shows, and lots of reality television.

5. How long does it take you to create each episode?

It all depends on how long the video is and how many characters I'm dealing with. Anon. seasons 1-4 took me a couple of days but season 5 took me a week. And now season 6-9 is taking weeks! I just have so many characters and story lines, but season 9 is going to be on the shorter side when it comes to video time.

6. You have written a number of books now, when did your passion for writing become known?

I've loved writing ever since I knew how to hold a pencil and form coherent sentences. It's something I've always enjoyed doing, but I never in a million years would think I'd actually write a book, let alone have people enjoy reading. It's honestly still hard for me to wrap my head around. I'm so, so grateful. 

7. You now also write a successful fashion blog. You seem to be taking on one exciting project after the other. How do you balance working on your blog, YouTube series, and writing books?

How do I balance? I'm still trying to find the answer to that question! I love fashion and beauty, which is something not many people know about me. It's very difficult juggling these projects, which is why I have to take a break on a few at a time. I would hate to rush a project and have it turn out a complete mess. So I take my time on every thing, hoping for the best.

8. You have many fans that love your YouTube series, books, and blog. How does it feel to have these people admire your work? 

It's surreal, honestly. I would never dream of this. I used to look up to so many Sims 2 and 3 series makers, and to see that I'm now in the same league as them is crazy! I have a ton of support behind me and no one will ever know how much I appreciate it.

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9. Do you have any spoilers or exciting news for the next season of Anon.? I know that I am really excited to watch it!

Hmm, spoilers? Let's just say, some things in season 6 will get revisited and not everyone is going to be happy about it. That's all I'm going to say!

10. You are very talented in writing and story telling, do you aspire to be an author, or screen writer of a TV show/movie one day?

First of all, thank you! I would love to get into writing screenplays for television, but I'm happy writing books at the moment. I'm venturing into new things right now. Writing and illustrating a children's book would probably be next on my list! 

11. Do you have any words of encouragement to those who would like to start their own YouTube series or blog?

Yes! Do NOT give up! And please don't get discouraged if someone writes hateful things in your comments or if you get no comments at all. I have had videos with not a single comment and only 5 views and I have gotten comments saying my videos were stupid and I was stupid, and it was just a mess. Those comments will hurt, but just know that your videos are NOT stupid and there are so many people who will enjoy them! 

12. Thank you for answering these questions, and good luck with all your projects in the future! We are all excited to see the next season of Anon.!

Thanks so much! And I can't wait for you to watch the new season! Take care!

Check out Diamond's:

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I hope you all enjoyed this interview! Make sure to let me know if you would like to see more!
Thank you once again Diamond!

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  1. Awesome! Who are the main characters in the series?
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