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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chinchar/Maloney Jewelry Review!

Hey Girls,

I wanted to let you know about the gorgeous online jewelry store - Chinchar/Maloney
I was recently gifted an absolutely exquisite piece by the amazing Lorien Chinchar- the silver birthstone bracelet. I chose the gems aquamarine (my birthstone) and emerald (my mother's birthstone) as they hold a great significance to me.
Each piece is handmade and therefore one of a kind. I love that the piece is so unique since it is personalised. It has become my new accessory staple and I love the meaning that it holds. 
The piece looks very delicate on the wrist and is the perfect subtle statement allowing to be worn on special occasions or even everyday!
Chinchar/Maloney also stocks other amazing pieces, such as birthstone rings, delicate stone necklaces, and pretty silver and gold bracelets. The collection is full of  unique pieces!
The bracelet isn't too flashy and has the perfect amount of shine. It is a very elegant piece. 
Everything about Chinchar/Maloney is unique. It is a very personable brand and has a strong connection with its clients/customers.
My belief is that accessories are key to making any outfit shine. Chinchar/Maloney has the perfect jewelry pieces for spicing up any outfit and really making it stand out! You should all take a look at the store and I definitely recommend it for all your jewelry needs.

The gorgeous bracelet!

You can see the piece being made.
The skill put into it is amazing!


Chinchar/Maloney Fine Jewelry started in Brooklyn, NY in 2010 as a collaboration between Colin Chinchar and Marian Maloney (now a Chinchar too).  They came to jewelry after both pursuing creative lives in different areas; Colin in carpentry and sound design and Marian in painting and in her professional work as an Art Therapist.  Colin has also been a mineral and gemstone fanatic since childhood and Marian has loved jewelry since sorting through her Grandmother's jewelry boxes full of antique items from the 19th century as well as mid-Century costume glam.  They soon realized that their strengths combined in the areas of design, detailed craftsmanship and a passion for gemstones and jewels.

In 2014 they moved their base of operations to the beautiful Northwest in Portland, while keeping a strong presence in New York through frequent buying trips and meetings with clients for custom designs.

Further growth has come through the addition of Colin's sister, Lorien Chinchar Petitt, who has joined the team as a third partner and who is in charge of all Marketing and Public Relations.  Lorien shares the Chinchar/Maloney passion for quality, handmade jewelry pieces which are truly individual works of art.

Currently you'll find Colin, Marian and Lorien in their Portland, OR studio brainstorming, creating and pursuing what they truly love.  Their greatest joy is when they hear back from clients who are loving their one of a kind (as each piece is handmade and therefore unique) Chinchar/Maloney jewelry. 

The bracelet looks very delicate on the wrist.

The packaging was so gorgeous and unique!

Emerald gem

Aquamarine gem
Thanks for Reading,



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