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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tanus Designs Jewellery Review!

Hey Girls,

You may have remembered a post that I wrote a little while ago on the amazing online jewelry store, Tanus Designs! Well, I am so excited to share this post with you today, because I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous piece of arm candy from the lovely people behind the company.

This gorgeous faux white leather cuff is the ultimate stand out piece with beautiful gold detailing that is bright enough to make heads turn. The colours are also super versatile, allowing this bracelet to be worn with almost anything!

I would pair this bracelet with a pair of white jeans, a navy blue sleeveless top, and a pair of gold heels that pick up on the gold in the piece. 

Top, Jeans (H&M), Shoes

It would also look great with a pair of black liquid leggings, a loose white shirt, and a pair of gold studded pumps - the perfect outfit for a night out.

Burgundy reds, dark pinks, and deep plum lip colours go with this bracelet perfectly! The contrast between the gold and the deep hues makes the bracelet stand out even more. Opt for a statement lip colour when wearing a statement bracelet - it won't overload the look but instead add dimension. 

Make sure to check out Tanus Designs on August 15th, for the completion of a store makeover!

Thanks for Reading,



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