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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Great Debate - Is it OK to Wear White to a Wedding?

With wedding season in full swing this summer*, the debate has arisen on as to whether guests should be able to wear white to a wedding.

Is it acceptable or does it just steal the bride’s thunder?

Traditionally, guests are not supposed to wear white to a wedding, but I believe that it is acceptable to some extent. White accessories are totally OK, but a full white dress… I’m not sure. If it were your big day, you’d want to be the centre of attention. I know that I wouldn’t like it if someone tried to outshine me, so I respect and support the idea that wearing a white dress to a wedding is not ok. For a summer wedding, white can be a very nice, refreshing colour, however once again, I believe the bride should be the only one wearing full white. A colour block dress with white as a featuring colour would be totally fun, and a short nude or cream dress would keep everybody happy. As long as the guest’s dress doesn’t resemble the brides’ dress, then all is good! I love classic, timeless weddings so it’s no surprise that I also like to keep tradition. With this in mind however, I do progress with the times, so I believe that only the bride should wear full white, however, the guests should be able to include some aspect of white in their outfit or wear a nude/cream dress.  

What is your standpoint on this great debate? Sound off in the comments below!

If I were attending a summer wedding, I would wear a short flowy dress. My favourite type of dress is a fit and flare - form-fitting at the top, cinches at the waist, and then extends out into a flowy skirt. I feel that it is such a classic, elegant cut that is the perfect fit for my petite frame. Here are a few dresses that I would wear as a guest to a dreamy summer time wedding:

Although I am still a teen, and have no intention of getting married anytime soon, I do dream about having a big, romantic wedding. I love browsing through pretty mermaid silhouette gowns, and admiring gorgeous sweetheart necklines, so I have compiled a few of my fave wedding dresses, purely for looking at and admiring. Enjoy!

Check out for everything you need to know about weddings! Find your dream bridal gown, or browse through countless dresses to find one to wear to that next wedding. There are endless pages of inspiration, ranging from wedding cakes, to invitations, to hair and makeup. It is literally every girls dream website, so check it out!

*In the Northern Hemisphere. I wish it were summer in Australia!

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  1. These dresses are totally gorgeous. Personally, I don't think it's appropriate to wear white to a wedding. It can seem disrespectful.

  2. I love those dresses! And about wearing white to a wedding, especially a really intricate dress, people might not know who the bride is (even though the veil might tip people off ;D)

  3. What a wonderful a line wedding dresses with princess style. I like it very much.


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