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Monday, March 17, 2014

Candy Store: Make-Up & Accessories That Look Good Enough to Eat!

Hey Girls,

I hope you enjoy this inspiration board inspired by sweets at a candy store!I wanted to capture the essence of a candy store by choosing accessories and make-up in pretty pinks, pastel purples, and mint greens. The colours are so cute and everything looks good enough to eat!

Let me know what your fave piece is in the comments below!

Make-up brushes, Benefit Lollitint, Phone Case, Sunglasses, Hair Mist, Hair Bow, Blush, Lipgloss, Make-Up Bag, Nail Polish, Lip Cream, Satchel

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Hey Carissa, loving your blog! By the way, guess who just got nominated for a Liebster award? You did! Have a look at my new post for more details.

    Annabel xx

  2. love the purple nail polish of topshop!

  3. I personally love pastels, they're nice without all the attention grabbing harshness of the neon trend going around. It's nice to see a break from the rest of society.
    -XO Style Stalker

    1. Pastels are super sweet and girly. I love them too.
      Thanks for reading :)


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