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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Blogmas Day 22: Benefit Cosmetics 'High Brow' Review

Hey Everyone,
Welcome to Blogmas Day 22!

There are only 3 days until Christmas!

Yesterday I went into the city with my family, and I was browsing the Benefit Cosmetics counter when I came across 'High Brow'.

I am a huge fan of Benefit products (The They're Real mascara is my fave!), so I was really interested to see what this product does.
Benefit 'High Brow' is basically a pink toned eye pencil. You can use it on your brow bone to illuminate the skin and give your brows a visual lift, or on the inside corners of your eyes to make them appear bigger and brighter. 'High Brow' can also be used as an eyeliner - its bright colour opens  up the eyes making them appear wider and more awake.
It is a very versatile product, and is something that can be worn everyday.
I really love the effect that this product has on my eyebrows. They have a better arch and look much neater and defined.
To apply the product, you basically use the pencil to draw a line under the brow, and lightly blend it in with your finger. For the inner corners of your eyes, draw a dot and simply blend it in. There is a visible difference.
'High Brow' comes in cute packaging, just like all Benefit products, which is a huge plus in my books.
The price is quite reasonable, I paid $39 for mine, which is a little more expensive than drugstore products, but I think that it is worth the price tag.
I love this product and I definitely encourage you girls to try it out. You will not regret it!

Thanks for Reading,


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