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Monday, October 7, 2013

Your Fashion Essentials!

Hey Guys,
I thought I would write a post about the essential fashion pieces that every girl should have in her wardrobe to put together amazing outfits. Read for fashion inspiration!

Firstly, every girl needs a pair of  dark wash denim skinny jeans. They will go with any top and shoes, so they are an essential.

The next fashion essential is a plain white tee. You can pair this with skinny jeans, shorts, tucked into skirts, and more! A plain white tee is a basic so it can also be paired with any accessory - statement necklaces look great with this staple.

Ankle boots are a must have in any wardrobe. They can take you from season to season depending on the bottoms you wear.

A pair of sneakers will go with almost anything so this is another fashion essential. They are great for dressing down an otherwise dressy outfit, and are super comfortable.

Ballet flats can make any outfit look a whole lot more stylish and chic. Pair them with skinny jeans and a pretty top and you will be good to go.

A loose black cardigan is a basic wardrobe essential. You can wear it through all of the seasons and pair it with almost anything.

Denim shorts are great for summer and take you from the beach to a casual party. A pair in any wash are essential for summer and will be something that you live in.

A dressy top can be paired with jeans or shorts to take your outfit from day to night.

Button down shirts are great for everyday as they look put together yet effortless. They look great with dark wash shorts and jeans.

An absolute must have fashion piece is a skater skirt. You can wear it as an everyday piece or dress it up to wear to a party.

A jumper is great for layering and looks super cute. Wear it on its own or over another top to create endless looks!

A summer dress is a staple item for summer that can be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and accessories you wear with it. A pair of sneakers or pretty summer sandals make it day time appropriate, whereas a pair of heels instantly take it to a night time look.

Every girl needs a party dress in their wardrobe. It is an essential for semi-formal events such as a birthday/dance parties.

Now, you don't need a pair of heels but they are great to dress up an outfit and make you look fashion forward. Your heels don't need to be super high to look great (platform wedges are super stylish and are way more comfortable than stilettos), and they look great when paired with a party dress.

A cross body bag is a fashion essential that matches any outfit and can be both dressy and casual. Read this post for more inspiration!

Thanks for reading,
Carissa xx


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