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Friday, August 3, 2012

Beauty Tips for Cold Weather

With cold weather in the midst of our daily routines and schedules it is always great to know a few tips and tricks to avoid any beauty disasters.

1. How to avoid chapped lips

Chapped and cracked lips can be a pain, but be at ease this winter with these helpful tips!

- Drink plenty of water, dehydration can be the main cause of dry and cracked lips
- Use a high quality lip balm (that doesn't mean it has to be expensive) that is moisturising and rejuvenating for your lips. Try Baby Lips Lip Balm.
- Do NOT lick your lips if they are dry, this will just make them look worse and feel more painful.

2. Dry Skin

With the cold air blowing on our exposed skin consistently during winter it is no wonder why it is so dry. Follow the tips below to help prevent and repair dry skin.

- Moisturise daily using a good quality face moisturiser and body moisturiser. Try Proactive Oil Free Moisturiser and Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser.
- Cover up hands with gloves to keep them warm and sheltered from the cold.
- Wear a scarf that covers you from your chest to your chin to stay warm and less exposed to the cold air.

3. Oily Hair

After a day of walking through the streets or even school, your hair can start to look oily and messy from the harsh weather. Be prepared for this sticky situation by reading on...

- If possible, wear a beanie to prevent the wind getting to your hair.
- Put your hair in a ponytail so it is not whipping you in the face and getting all tangled.
- Use a quality shampoo and conditioner to repair hair to its natural state. Try Pantene "Always Smooth" Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml.
- Carry around a mini dry shampoo in your handbag and spray it in your hair when it starts to look oily. Remember to brush it out! Try Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo in Diva 30g. 


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