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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Right Now!

What I'm Loving Right Now is a new feature of The Teen Fashion Blogger.
Included in these posts will be all the things that I am loving at the moment, whether it be beauty products, fashion stores, celebrities, movies, music etc.
Let me know if you want to see more of these posts in the future by leaving your feedback in the comments below.

1. Fun Size Movie
Victoria Justice takes the lead role in up and coming movie "Fun Size". It's Halloween and Victoria gets stuck minding her little brother while he goes trick or treating. It follows the adventure as she loses her little brother and tries to find him. Watch the story unfold as she goes through mishaps, trouble, and a whole lot of fun. Check out the funny trailer! I am definitely watching this film!

2. Katy Perry: Part of Me Concert Movie 3D
I am sooo excited for this movie to come out in Australia. Katy Perry is one of my favourite celebs and gaining a backstage pass into her life will be amazing. Are you excited for the movie to come out?
Watch the trailer!

3. Kendall & Kylie Jenner
They will always be my favourite Hollywood teens because of their amazing fashion sense and style. They are also on the cover of the recent issue of Australian, "Girlfriend" Magazine and they look great!

4. Baby Lips Lip Balm
This lip balm is great for dry lips and it smells great too! You can pick it up at Target, Big W, Kmart, Priceline and any other store that sells cosmetics. It is also one of the prizes in the latest beauty giveaway on the blog, because it is so amazing!

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